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Day Trip Booking
Day Trips can be booked direct with us or through Cirencester Tourist Information Centre.

Holiday Booking
Holidays can be booked direct with Alexcars.

Private Hire
Contact us with details of your trips and we'll get back to you by phone, fax or email with a quotation.

Alexcars was founded by Alec Hibberd and his wife Barbara in 1946, starting with a private hire car. Alec's brothers, Sidney and Norman also joined the business and soon the progression to coaches was made with the acquisition of a converted ambulance.
The company grew steadily, eventually forcing the move from the village of Baunton to its present base in Love Lane, Cirencester in the late nineteen fifties.

Alec and Barbara's son Rodney joined the business in 1967 and following Alec's death in 1997, Rod took the helm. Rod's sister Jenny, her husband Will and their son Ben also take an active roll in the running of the business.

Alexcars still continues to grow and now employs some 25 full-time and part-time staff and has over 20 coaches of various sizes operating daily contracts, private hire, day excursions, short breaks and coach holidays